What People Are Saying About Comfort Keepers Assisted Living in Monroe NJ

Hundreds of people every day discover the exceptional brand of assisted living in Monroe NJ provided by Comfort Keepers—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers assisted living in Monroe Township, NJ, and choose to become a Comfort Keeper® themselves.

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"I have dealt with other companies over the years and there is no comparison. I am so much happier with the services of your professional caregivers. I would rave about every one of them."

Cranbury, NJ - Ina Z.

"Our caregiver, Amanda, was compassionate, patient, professional and efficient. She took on a very stressful situation and turned it into something manageable for us. Your services are top notch - even light housekeeping and laundry were always taken care of. She always went above and beyond the call of duty so to speak. Once, when my father had run out of bananas, she returned after her shift was over, on her own free time, to bring him one from her house. The nurse overseeing my father's care was also excellent, very professional. I do think that newer, less experienced aides, when used, should be billed at a lower rate than veteran ones. I would recommend Comfort Keepers."

Manalapan, NJ - Paul M.

"Sheila, thank you so much for your kindness throughout the last few years. You helped me carry out my Dad's wishes and his final chapter. You staff is delightful and caring and your services are well-rounded. I would certainly recommend Comfort Keepers to others."

Monroe Township, NJ - Ken M.

"Charlie was a great caregiver to my Dad."

Manalapan, NJ - Walter B.

"Lynda was wonderful with my mother. I only had one problem with my invoices and that problem was easily rectified. I would highly recommend Comfort Keepers to anyone."

Monroe Township, NJ - Elsie L.

"I did not think your Client Care Agreement was easy to understand. My caregiver Ruth L was very caring and easy to talk to. I have used other agencies and Comfort Keepers is better."

Monroe Township, NJ - Leah B.

"Although our caregiver, Kelsey, had personal problems, she was a comfort to my husband and to me. We thought of her as our granddaughter. She is thoughtful and caring. She manages to do many things without being asked."

Monroe Township, NJ - Rashe F.

"After using several different companies, Comfort Keepers is the best. Gina and Lori were both excellent caregivers. They showed a lot of compassion in caring for my wife and to me. "

Monroe Township, NJ - Herbert B.

"My mother, Patricia, adored Kevin. They were like two old friends, they really hit It off. Thanks for all you guys did for her when she was in pain and needed much personal care. Kevin was just superb."

Kendall Park, NJ - Phillip B.

"To: The Administrators of Comfort Keepers I am dropping a note to you just to let you know how pleased I am with one of your"

Monroe Township, NJ - Terry M.

"Comfort Keepers helped me at a very difficult time after losing my wife. They made me more relaxed and safe in my surroundings. My caregiver Katie was exceptional. She was personable and easy to talk with while giving me my shower. The medical alert was most beneficial to me as I was home alone."

Spotswood, NJ - Bob G.

"I found Comfort Keepers in October, 2012 as we started the guardianship process for my mother-in-law. From the start - they answered the phone and took the time to speak with me. A simple gesture, but comforting when you are looking for answers fast. I didn't know when we would need them so I kept their number handy. Every time I called they responded. Finally almost a year later, the time came for care. Sheila from CK came right over, sorted out her care plan with me and they were ready for the day mom returned home. Mom is a very very very stubborn woman and the CK staff worked with her to put her mind at ease and keep her safe in her home. My husband and I were sincerely comforted knowing they were on the job. I was also very happy that they offered the pendant/fall protection system. Having someone come to your home and install the system is good because you know it works and you also have a company to call and a person to help if you have issues. THANK YOU COMFORT KEEPERS! GOD BLESS YOU!"

Monroe Township, NJ - Marilyn S.

"Every person you sent was wonderful, caring, knowledgeable and helpful. Takiyah was especially sweet and caring. We dealt with another agency before when my mother first got dementia and they were not as good as your agency at all. Thank you for caring for my mother. "

East Brunswick, NJ - Patty P.

"Such a great company. I'm proud to be part of their staff."

Morganville, NJ - Suzanne M.

"Janet was truly a delightful caregiver. We rate her a 10."

Monroe Township, NJ - Marcy K.

"I had to accept 3 hour visits because I lived in Cream Ridge. So bathing cost me about $75 each time. There was nothing for the aide to do. So, for me that was expensive. Your hourly rate is average, however,"

Cream Ridge, NJ - Alice D.

"We miss all of you at Comfort Keepers!! and especially Flo (my mother's live in caregiver). We have had other agencies in the past -- your service was better but your price was higher and that was a factor in our decision to finally transition my mother to a home because her dementia was getting worse. My mom is not adjusting well to her facility but we still believe it is the best option at this point for all of us. Thank you for all the excellent care and service you provided during our time of need. We used you much longer than we anticipated because Flo was so excellent."

Monroe Township, NJ - Kitty M.

"We have used other agencies in the past for our homecare and Comfort Keepers was more professional. Our previous agency couldn't get their billing right. There were a few instances when the dollars were rounded up to the next quarter hour if the timeframe ran 10 minutes past the hour mar. That seemed too petty for me.""

Old Bridge, NJ - Marilyn E.

"Our livein caregiver Martha was a Godsend. She cared for my mother for two years who had severe dementia and was bedridden and at times didn't sleep at all. Comfort Keepers and Martha exceeded our expectations in every way."

Allentown, NJ - Mark F.

"I was always impressed how helpful and caring their aides were. I would highly recommend Comfort Keepers."

Monroe Township, NJ - Harriet F.

"We hired Comfort Keepers because my husband needed a male companion. They sent us Charlie and he was just great!"

Clarksburg, NJ - Debbie C.

"Prompt courteous service"

Monroe Township, NJ - Hector M.

"My mother needed extra help during the night while she was staying in the Chelsea Facility in Monroe Township and you provided immediate help. All of the aides you sent were excellent."

Monroe Township, NJ - Rich S.

"The care that Geara has given our mother has been terrific!! Her patience and genuine compassion as well as the work she does for mom is nothing short of fantastic!! Comfort Keepers fills a gap where insurance companies can't and the affordability of the services offered are spectacular. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing this essential service."

Monroe Township, NJ - Robert P.

"We have been working with Comfort Keepers in Monroe Township and they have been great - always there when needed!"

Monroe Township, NJ - Richard B.

"So happy with Carmen. She is very good to my aunt."

Monroe Township , NJ - Diane T.

"Faz is a caring and wonderful companion for my mother."

Monroe Township, NJ - Suzanne D.

"Thank you again for all your help as well as to all the aides (especially Terry Nash) that cared for my mom. You all have very difficult jobs but meaningful and critical to families under extremely stressful periods. If the need for your services arises sometime in the future, I will reach out to you again without hesitation."

Monroe Township, NJ - James E.

"My father's caregiver, Megan, was excellent, compassionate, helpful and skilled. Some of the other aides were not as skilled."

Monroe Township, NJ - Carol

"Natalie and Robin were my Dad's favorite caregivers. What always impressed us was the flexibility with our changing needs. Your company was always extremely accommodating, professional and pleasant."

Cranbury, NJ - Pat S.

"Your field manager, Sheila, was so helpful and a pleasure to work with. My mother's live-in Nellie was a gem."

Monroe Township, NJ - Mindy G.

"Every caregiver that was sent to us was kind and flexible. They worked well with each other. I am an RN and I truly thought your girls were so well trained! Our Client Care Manager, Kristin was amazing. I initially contacted her by phone. She called me back after hours from her home. She was so kind and helpful. The prices were a little higher but totally worth it. Comfort Keepers was the 4th agency I tried to get good care so a little more money was worth it. I would highly recommend Comfort Keepers."

Monroe Township, NJ - Donna H.

"I was searching for a partner to help with Mom's care. Comfort Keepers was exactly what I needed: a reliable, caring and professional team that was always there to help and give mom the attention she needed. We were never disappointed with their services." "Diane was excellent but some of the other caregivers were not. Some sat around after they helped my mother. We would have liked less switching of caregivers."

Cranbury, NJ - Sharon L.

"Faz was such a kind and caring person for my mother. She was wonderful. Sandy was very good also. We had some problems with a few others."

Monroe Township, NJ - Suzanne D.

"Ayoavi was wonderful with my mother. Ayoavi took care of all my mother's needs in her final days when my mother could no longer care for herself. Our family will always be grateful for the care provided by Ayoavi and Comfort Keepers."

Spotswood, NJ - Tom E.

"Our caregiver, Carmen, was excellent. She helfpul, pleasant and good at all home care needs."

Monroe Township, NJ - Mary R.

"Some of our caregivers were fair but we fell in love with Ejura. I do hope she is doing well."

East Brunswick, NJ - Jill R.

"Elena was the best ever caregiver. We have had other home care agencies in the past and Comfort Keepers was better."

Monroe Township, NJ - Stuart D.

"For an extended period of time, my mother has utilized your agency for attendant care and was fortunate to have the services of Carmen and Maria. I wanted to write on behalf of my mother who has now relocated to Memphis, TN, to express to you her, as well as our entire family's appreciation for the fine service, consideration and attention which each of these individuals provided to her. I would like to especially highlight the warmth, concern and personal attention which was provided by Maria and to whom my mother established a very warm and caring relationship and was sorry to have to say goodbye. I just wanted to forward this letter of acknowledgement for the service of these fine individuals and to express our appreciation to Comfort Keepers and to them."

Monroe Township, NJ - Bruce F. and Betty C.

"I want to thank you for all the great and timely assistance for my mother. She seems like she is able to take care of herself now. I will definitely keep Comfort Keepers in mind for any future needs and will recommend your services. You made a very anxious time more amiable. And your flexibility, responsiveness and customer service is beyond compare.""

Monroe Township NJ - Denise B.
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