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Emergency Response System: Why They are Important for Senior Care

Jan 3, 2018 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

4 Reasons Why an Emergency Response System is Important for Elder Care


Taking care of older relatives has always been a somewhat delicate subject. It's difficult for both the seniors and their adult children to admit that older people can become less capable, strong, and independent than they once were.


Aging bodies become fragile, stability is not assured, and eventually, they may need extra help around the house to keep a household going. Whether you're inviting a parent to stay with you, helping an elderly relative downsize into a practical 'granny flat' or upgrading the old family home, it's important to understand what older people need in terms of safety and backup plans.


911 Access for Accidents


There are a lot of reasons to equip your older relatives with an emergency response system, and the vast majority of the time it has nothing to do with their ability to think clearly and make adult decisions. Even if your parents or grandparents are still sharp and witty, the body slows down and becomes more fragile.


As humans age, it becomes more likely to drop things, lose your balance, or fall and you won't always have a cell phone within reach. Emergency response systems allow your aging relatives to call 911 from anywhere, especially for unexpected injuries.


Peace of Mind


An emergency response system is usually a bracelet or necklace paired with a central communication unit. The accessory allows your retired parent or relative to call for assistance if they get into a situation where it's best not to move without help. From silly things like getting your foot stuck in a cabinet to falling in the bathroom, it's important to have a 24/7 solution to accidents that are even 10% likely to occur.


Especially for adult children of elders who have already experienced a bad fall or a heart attack while alone at home, it can be hard not to call them every few hours to make sure your loved one is okay. An emergency response system assures you that if something happened, you and the hospital would be notified immediately so every other night, you can sleep more soundly.


Providing Independence for Aging Parents


Like everyone else, elderly people started as adventurous children and continued on to independent adults. It can be hard to give up your independence, even if you've retired and have started to slow down. An emergency response system allows you to give your elderly relatives the space and independence they'd prefer while still fulfilling your duties to keep them safe and well taken care of in their old age.


You can help them secure the family home for elder-accessible living or downsize into a cozy little 'granny flat' with all the freedom to shop, clean, and socialize independently that they want. With a simple pendant or bracelet, you can be sure that your elderly relative can call for help if they need it and you can rest easy when they don't.


Freedom for Adult Caregivers


The final benefit of a complete in-home emergency response system is that most of them come with automated or call-center services as well as the ability to alert family members in the event of an emergency. This means that even if you are responsible for a retired relative, you can still plan holidays and business trips, assured that emergency services would be available and provided to your loved one even while you're away.


Whether you're caring for a spry but retired parent or a truly ancient grandparent, an emergency response system ensures that accidents will not go unnoticed and that your relative will get any care they need, whether or not you're there to provide it. From an easy to use accessory to a friendly call center, emergency response systems are the peace of mind and independence that every family needs. Comfort Keepers can provide you with more information or help you find the right emergency response system for your family. Contact us today at 732-521-1777!


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