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Do You Like Working From Home? Consider In-Home Care as Your Job!

Feb 19, 2018 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Do You Like Working From Home? Consider In-Home Care as Your Job!


For many professionals, working from home is the holy grail of job opportunities. Employees dream of staying home in their pajamas instead of taking on the daily rush hour traffic. They long for the tea kettle at home or the cozy lap blanket instead of the comfortable walking shoes or the ergonomic desk chair of their work environment.  Almost everyone wants to work from home every once in a while, but some people are more home-bodies and prefer to be in a cozy residential environment to almost any workplace on the plant. If this sounds like you, then there may be a surprising career change in your future. There is a way to spend all your time in a comfortable home doing housework and crafts all day and still build your career. The only catch is that you're in someone else's home helping them with their housework.


What is Caregiving?


Caregiving has been the refuge of empathic home-oriented people for centuries. As people get older, they have more trouble moving around, standing for long periods of time, and keeping up with their regular chores. A caregiver's job is to step only where their clients have lost the ability to take care of things for themselves. The most common instances of caregiving occur when seniors decide to age in place, which means to stay in their family home rather than downsizing to a senior care community. As an in-home caregiver, you will have the opportunity to help elderly clients by keeping them company, helping out with chores, and occasionally assisting with personal care.


Caregiving for Empathic Home-Bodies


Some people just like to be at home more than they like to be in public places. If you are more comfortable spending time in your home and visiting friends than you are in a busy office environment, then caregiving is a great way to work inside your comfort zone finally. In most cases, the time you spend with clients will be more like paying a helpful visit to elderly relatives than what most people would consider being work.


While you will need to keep track of care plans and make sure clients take their pills on time, most of your work will be keeping each other company, thinking up activities, and occasionally driving to doctors appointments or to visit others. The vast majority of your time will be spent talking, watching movies, or doing crafts with your client when you're not helping out with light housework or inventing new healthy recipes that conform to dietary restrictions.


Honing Your Homemaking Crafts


The art of homemaking is not dead, and many members of the younger generations are picking up where their boomer parents left off, learning to sew, cook, and implement repairs connecting seniors and millennials in a way that no one expected. If you enjoy the arts of homemaking like cooking, handicrafts, making clothes, gardening, and keeping a superbly tidy home, nowhere will you have a better chance to practice than while working as a caregiver. Not only will your arts be appreciated as you help clients keep up the cleanliness standards of their own homes, but you will also get the chance to craft and share your crafts as activities and entertainment.



If you have been dreaming of some way to earn a living at home cooking, crocheting, or holding brilliant living room conversation, take a moment to consider caregiving seriously. For those who enjoy the company of seniors and the opportunity to hone your homemaking crafts, consider Comfort Keepers in home care! For more information about how to become a caregiver, please contact us today at 732-521-1777.

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