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4 Simple Ideas to Make Your Days Seem Longer as a Family Caregiver

Feb 21, 2015 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Have you ever had one of those days where it seemed the hours just flew by? It’s not necessarily that you had so many things to do, but every time you looked at the clock what felt like half an hour was actually two hours or more. When you're caring for an elderly loved one, it can seem like the days fly by before you can get much done. Read Article

Strategies for Establishing a Consistent Schedule when a Loved One Relies on Home Care

Feb 13, 2015 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

Waking up at different times of the morning, going to sleep at different times at night, and doing other basic activities at all varying times throughout the day can make it a much more complicated process when somebody relies on home care. Read Article

Try a New Approach for Helping Your Senior Fall Asleep at Night

Feb 6, 2015 by Stephanie Howe - Owner, Comfort Keepers

For the millions of elderly individuals who require some type of care at home, not getting enough sleep at night is one of the common problems many of them share. Read Article

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